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Tue, 03 Dec 2013 18:44:20 -0600

Cartridge Refill and Sales in Southeast...

Tue, 03 Dec 2013 18:44:20 -0600

B2B Toner and Ink Cartridge...

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Custom Sign and Graphic Imaging...

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Well Established Hair Salon in a Busy...

Mon, 08 Oct 2012 10:25:29 -0500

Auto Repair and Transmission Center -Reputable...


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Catholic School Board Offers Chaldean Language Classes
By Britney Hermiz :: 2208 Views :: Chaldean Education & Career Center, Chaldean American Student Association

Parents of Catholic elementary students are invited to enrich their child’s education through the language instruction, cultural awareness and a celebration of traditions taught though the Toronto Catholic District School Board’s International Language Instruction program.

Designed for students in junior kindergarten through Grade 8, classes offered through the program include: Arabic, Armenian, Chaldean, Chinese-Cantonese, Chinese-Mandarin, Croatian, Hungarian, Igbo, Italian, Korean, Lithuanian, Malayalam, Maltese, Pilipino, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Tamil, Tigrigna, Ukrainian and Vietnamese.

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Chaldeans Offer Stability and Growth to Michigan's Economy
By Ray Yono :: 1055 Views :: Government & Society
Fewer immigrants are choosing to make Michigan their new home, according to figures released by the Department of Homeland Security.  Only Michigan and Wisconsin are experiencing a drop while other Midwest states show a steady growth.  The nearly 5% decline is attributed to the poor job outlook, poor educational environment, and highly regulated and prohibitive sole proprietorship business environment in both states.
A saving grace to Michigan’s challenges in growing a contributing population base are the Chaldeans.   “Michigan is just second to California in terms of its attraction of Iraqi immigrants,” said Kurt Metzger, director emeritus of Data Driven Detroit.
“Primarily the Chaldean community... established itself in metropolitan Detroit,” Metzger said. Studies from Data Driven Detroit reveals that the metro Detroit’s Chaldean population hovers well over 100,000 with a strong majority being entrepreneurs and professionals.  

The hard working and highly professional base is helping Michigan considerably.  Metzger emphasizes that maintaining, and attracting immigrants to the state is critical for revitalizing Michigan’s cities.
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The growth and decline of the Aramaic language
By Sabah Hajjar :: 1710 Views :: Community & Culture, Chaldean Justice League

The Associated Press writes that the Syrian government sent reinforcements Friday to the ancient, predominantly Christian village of Maaloula, where rebels have battled regime troops this week. Maaloula, a scenic village of about 3,300 perched high in the mountains, is one of the few places in the world where residents still speak a version of Aramaic, the language of biblical times believed to have been used by Jesus.

A look at the growth and decline of the Aramaic language through the centuries:

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Chaldean Entrepreneur Snacks His Way to Success
By David Najor :: 1191 Views :: Business & Finance

H. Michael Robin arrived in Detroit from his native Baghdad, Iraq, in 1968. The Chaldean immigrant found a job loading potato chips onto delivery trucks.

That modest beginning led to Grandpapa’s, a snack food manufacturer that is part of Robin’s $15-million-a-year snack food business. From a newly renovated 140,000-square-foot factory at 6500 Davison in Detroit, Robin ships pallets stacked with cheese curls, cheese balls, and other snacks around the globe.

Locally, Grandpapa’s may be best known for its line of pork rinds, although that particular snack food is just the tip of a business operation that ships 99% of its production overseas.

From loading trucks to owning a far-flung export business was a journey of hard work and luck and seizing every opportunity.
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Mart Mariam Chaldean Catholic Church Grotto Unveiled
By Rita Abro :: 3113 Views :: Chaldean Churches
In 2011, Mart Mariam Chaldean Catholic Church was re-located to 2700 Willow Road in Northbrook, on the corner of Pfingsten and Willow Roads. The sprawling 10 acre landscape has supported the resplendent parish adding an activity hall, small school, and rectory to a picturesque and easily accessible campus.
In September 2012, Fr. Fawaz Kako,C.Ss.R. and myself, along with fellow parishioner Salem Estefan, discussed building a proper grotto (maghara) for the existing Mother Mary statue residing at the front entrance of the church. I welcomed the responsibility and pursuit of such a significant shrine as a gift from the Hikmat Yacu family to our church and all of its faithful parishioners.
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Chaldean's Remembered Commentary
By Guest Reporter :: 3878 Views :: Opinion and Editorials
Remembering the Chaldean Model

Oh, it seems like yesterday. I was ending my military duty (drafted #4) and returning back to corporate America. My employer, Procter & Gamble, kept its promise of accepting all military draftees back into its workforce. They assigned me to Detroit, MI as a sales representative in the Packaged Soap and Detergent Division (Tide, Ivory, Cheer, etc.).

It was cool to go to Detroit as it was a big Black city with a strong Black mayor, the Honorable Coleman Young. Little did I know that Motown was about to go through a blistering “white flight” that would leave the remaining people in the middle of an economic collapse. It was 1974 and Black Power and the Sexual Revolution were about to crash head on into each other.

In my role, the grocery stores were the lifeblood of our growth and development. Win the marketing support of the major grocery entities; couple that with TV and radio advertising plus couponing sales were bound to increase provided you managed shelf and display space within the grocery stores.

Read More..
Building a Well-Run Chaldean Family Business
By David Najor :: 4063 Views :: Business & Finance


The biggest challenge for Chaldean family businesses is being isolated from the outside world says small business consultant Norman Haisha.  Chaldean’s work long hours, weekends, and holidays.   The incredibly long work schedule is a huge sacrifice.  Another is the boundary issue.  Chaldean business leaders are often forced to look at all family and business challenges as being intertwined.  So they’re making business decisions based on family issues and vice versa.Great Chaldean family businesses share certain traits: loyalty among the team, vigilance and competitiveness in their fields.

Those that pass successfully from one generation to the next have a sense of cohesion because, deep down, Chaldean family members really do care about each other and they can get through the hard times. They’ve found ways to manage conflict—not always resolve it, but manage it. They’ve also figured out ways to make decisions when there are differences of opinion. Yet, real pitfalls lurk.

The payoff for family businesses that can make it, though, can be great. “When a family business works well, you can’t beat it,” says Haisha. Family businesses “pull together for the right reasons and it’s not just for profit sake. Profit is not the purpose, but only one of many ways to stay alive and stay fulfilled.  That type of thinking means it’s for the good of the family, good for the employees, it’s good for the community, and it’s long-term. It’s really hard to compete against them. You think about a business that is saying: I’m going to sacrifice so much for my family, my employees, and my community.”

So how can Chaldean family businesses avoid the pitfalls? Here are some keys:
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Motor City Wives Features Chaldean Cast Member
By Mary Esho :: 7946 Views :: Sports, Art, and Entertainment
Michigan, USA – “I think the show will be fun to watch.  I think Suzanne will be type casted as some gorgeous out-of-the-dessert repressed freak that is waiting to explode.  They will take hundred hours of footage and use less than one.  In that one they will give her a back-story of being repressed and missing out on the crazy and wild side of life that she will now want to relive,” says Abby Hesano, a Motor City TV show critic.  

Hesano is talking about a new Detroit TV Show titled Motor City Wives.  The show features Chaldean Suzanne Lossia as a bombshell waiting to explode.  

“Detroit is good for drama.  Detroit has been cast by Hollywood with stereotypical sentiments of crime, race, and raunchiness.” Hesano adds with a gitty laugh.  “It is why TV does so great out here.”

The “gritty life” is what former executive TV producer Russell Silverstein says about Detroit.  The former Detroiter gives insight in the world of television production.  “When I grew up in Metro-Detroit we often talked about the way the city is changing.  As a Jewish family we were quick to critique and fast to move,” says Russell with a smile.  “Detroit has made an image for itself.  News coverage of the crime and underbelly, the Unions and mafias, the city that made America move – what could be better for TV.”

Suzanne Lossia, a cast member from the new highly anticipated reality television show Motor City Wives.  The show is getting people around the country interested in learning about Chaldeans, but many in the Chaldean community are concerned the TV producers will purposely misrepresent and sensationalize Chaldeans for ratings.
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SMART is not so Smart - Chaldean awarded half-million dollars
By Rita Abro :: 6741 Views :: Law & Order, Chaldean Justice League
Michigan, Detroit — A case brought to you by back in early 2000 is reaching its conclusion.  For Chaldean Mazyn  Barash the nightmare is over and justice is finally being served.  For over eight years Barash has been fighting the Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation for infringing his Civil Rights.  This week the Michigan Civil Rights Commission has awarded nearly half a million dollars to Mr. Barash, a former Chaldean employee who was the victim of ongoing harassment and abuse by managers and co-worker of SMART because of his Iraqi descent.  

“He went through hell and he stood courageously for his rights,” says Amar Bahri, who has been watching the case closely.  “He may not know it, but he has helped the Chaldean community a great deal.  He has helped stand against such injustice that Chaldeans face every day in schools, at work, and when trying to find jobs in Michigan.  God bless him and I hope other Chaldeans are able to stand as strong as he has.”

“Nothing can replace the years of torment my client has suffered at the hands of his employer,” said Attorney and Michigan Advisory Board Chairman Shereef Akeel in a statement. “But Mazyn has been a champion in his efforts to rid discrimination in the workplace.”
Read More..
Chaldean Architectural Influences Throughout Iraq
By Bedre Konja :: 5121 Views :: Community & Culture

For years, Western media has only depicted one kind of reality of Baghdad.  The images broadcast an unending sample of rubble and wreckage as the city's true and only condition.  It is easy to believe the images given the decades of war.   The world has been made to believe Baghdad is in a constant saturate of fractured, blown-apart, gouged-out landscape and buildings.

To see beyond the biased eyes of media one will find instead a historic city that perseveres and has clung to its wonderfully amalgamated heritage with tenacity.

Chaldean architects have played a major role in influencing the world with their enduring display of artistic architectural resourcefulness. Since the cradle of civilization began to form, the kingdoms of Chaldea, which ruled the Tigro-Euphrates valley, began to build.  The scarcity of timber and the lack of good building-stone except in the limestone tablelands and more distant mountains of upper Mesopotamia, the abundance of lay, and the flatness of the country, imposed upon the builders restrictions of conception, form, and material.  

Nonetheless, what emerged from such limited and harsh conditions was nothing short of remarkable.  The Chaldeans had attained a high civilization before 4000 B.C., and had for centuries maintained fixed institutions and practiced the arts and sciences.
Read More..
Chaldean Flame-Seared Asian Spicy Kebabs
By Ann Bahri :: 7288 Views :: Living & Lifestyle, Community & Culture
Since many Chaldeans have been forced to flee their land, it is not uncommon to find Chaldeans experimenting on new foods that are reminiscent of home with an accepting flavor of their new lands.  The new foods are often a mixture that includes traditional Chaldean meals or cooking styles adapted to their host countries.  

The term shish kebab comes from the word kebab, which originally meant fried not grilled meat. The Arabic word was derived from Aramaic kabbābā, which has its origins in Akkadian kabābu meaning "to burn, char".

Kebabs were a natural solution for Chaldean nomadic tribes. Unusual meats were marinated not only to tenderize, but also to get rid of some of the gamey flavor.  Skewers were easy to find in the wilderness as useful utensils for both revolving the meat and easy eating.  

In America, younger Chaldeans have learned to turn Mom’s traditional cooking into an assortment of new dishes.  Try this flame-seared Asian spicy kebab that has a sweet and spicy kick.
Read More..
5 Ways to Stay Safe in Sports
By Sue Garmo :: 6705 Views :: Health & Fitness, Sports, Art, and Entertainment


Summer sports are a wonderful outlet for Chaldean kids to learn the value of teamwork, build friendships and get fresh air and exercise.  And while Chaldean parents want their kids to have a good time and succeed at sports, they should also teach them the importance of playing sports safely.

Kids' growing bodies are simply more susceptible to injury than adults'.  Chaldean health professionals estimate that one out of every thirteen Chaldean children under the age of fifteen will suffer a sports injury this summer.  Yet, a lot of them are preventable by following five rules of sports safety. If Chaldean boys and Chaldean girls want to win at sports in the long run, they must take steps to protect their bodies.

Here are five ways Chaldeans can do just that.
Read More..
Why Lose Weight
By Brenda Hermiz :: 4291 Views :: Health & Fitness
Do you believe it's simple to lose weight? If you listen to the weight loss industry, you've been told over and over how easy it is--just take this pill, follow that diet or buy this piece of equipment and everything will melt away in a flash. In fact, it’s even harder for Chaldeans to lose weight.  Our cultural foods and family habits have not caught up to the way we now live.
The idea behind weight loss is simple-burn more calories than you eat. This can be accomplished by replacing a couple of sodas with water and adding 20 minutes of walking each day.  This sounds simple because it is, but why can't we seem to do it?
Read More..
The Master Behind Lights and Music Mixes
By Mary Esho :: 6572 Views :: Sports, Art, and Entertainment, Business & Finance

Michigan, USA - One of the best DJ artists, David Boji, 28, has helped amplify the nightlife scene for metro Detroiters.  “If you are ever in a mood for a good party, the nightlife scene in Detroit is something to brag about because of him,” says Janel Ashtari  from Warren.   “He really knows how to make a party happen.  He is super talented and an incredible promoter."

Along with his many accomplishments, in 2008, Boji opened up for hip-hop star Flo Rida at Acapulco, Mexico, in front of over 4,500 screaming spring breakers.   Later that year, he opened up for a sold-out Detroit stadium of over 21,000 fans for “The New Kids On The Block Reunion Tour.” 

He later joined Channel 955’s Bomb Squad, an exclusive 5-member group of top mix-show DJs that infiltrate the air waves of Metro Detroit. It is at Channel 955 that David B developed his loyal following as he launched his “Ministry of House” movement.  Over the following 4 years, he went on to open up for myriad A-List artists, including Pitbull, David Guetta, Steve Angello of The Swedish House Mafia, Nadia Ali, Black Eyed Peas, Jason DeRulo, Iyaz, Taio Cruz, Big Boi of Outkast, Fabolous, & Monica.

Read More..
On the Job: He's Living the American Dream
By Guest Reporter :: 6728 Views :: Community & Culture, Business & Finance
   Doug Williams of the 


For Lee Wazzi, co-owner of Santee's Lake's Market Liquor & Deli, the journey from Iraq to the United States opened doors of peace and opportunity for which he will always be grateful.

  As he sits at a small desk in a back room at Lake’s Market Liquor & Deli, Lee Wazzi talks about his long life’s journey and counts himself a lucky man.

At age 42, he’s exactly where he wants to be.

A native of Iraq, Wazzi and his family and close friends dreamed of coming to America so they could live in peace, work hard and have a chance at success.

While many Americans don’t take time to count their blessings, Wazzi does every day. To him, the American dream isn’t just a theoretical concept. It’s his life.
Read More..
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(Gina Miller) - Listen to audio version of this column For years now, many of us have been warning America that freedoms of religion, speech, conscience and association and homosexual "rights" cannot coexist; they are by nature mutually exclusive. This is becoming clearer by the minute, as the radical homosexual movement has taken super flight under the ever-darkening reign of the pro-homosexual Barack Obama (or whatever his name is)...

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