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Chaldeans Can Help Pass Senate Bill S. 223 — Cast Light Onto Darkness
By Chaldean Caucus :: Friday, August 8, 2008 :: 76503 Views :: Government & Society, Chaldean Caucus

The U.S. Senate is considering a bill -- S. 223 -- that would require senators to disclose their campaign contributions electronically, just like the House and presidential candidates have been doing for years. The Center for Responsive Politics, Sunlight Foundation and other transparency advocates have been pushing hard to get this bill passed this session, and they now have more than 40 co-sponsors of the bill.

The Chaldean Caucus needs your help to get it passed into law.  Chaldean readers need to make two quick phone calls to your senators. Our pro-transparency coalition has set up so you can easily make the calls and report back what you hear. 

Go to to urge the Senate to pass this bill without any amendments. The site leads you through simple steps on how to do it, and it even includes a suggested script. Then you can report back and let everyone know how the call went.

Here's some more information on the bill:

The Senate Campaign Disclosure Parity Act -- S. 223 -- is straightforward, 'no-brainer' legislation that must be passed. Senate campaigns, unlike House or presidential campaigns, file reports on paper. S. 223 would require senators to file their campaign finance reports electronically to the Federal Election Commission.

Currently, senators file their reports with the Secretary of the Senate, who then prints them out and delivers the reports in paper to the FEC. The FEC then must input them into their computer databases to be accessed by the public online. This process takes months, and it costs taxpayers about half a million dollars every election.

It also means that well-heeled donors can bundle contributions in the final, critical weeks of a campaign  providing the funds necessary for last-minute negative attack ads or push polls  with absolute anonymity.

It would mean a lot to the Chaldean community if you could make a couple quick calls to your Senator. The bill is supported by Chaldean Caucus and has a total of 45 co-sponsors. Let's increase that number. 

Of the two Senators in Michigan, Sen. Levin is in full support while Democratic Sen. Stabenow continues to hide information.  Michigan citizens can call her DC Office at (202) 224-4822 or her Michigan office at (313) 961-4330 and simply state:

“I am calling to ask Senator Stabenow to support S. 223, the Senate Campaign Disclosure Parity Act. This straightforward bill will ensure that senators file their campaign finance disclosure reports electronically, just like House members and Presidential candidates.

Will Senator Stabenow cosponsor or vote in favor of S. 223, and if not, why not?"

Then visit and report their response. 

Tell your friends, too. Pass it on. Pass S. 223.

Thank you for all that your help in trying to make our government more honest, efficient, transparent, and accountable.