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Chaldean Voters Ready for Michigan Primary Election Tuesday, August 5
By Sam Yousif :: Monday, August 4, 2008 :: 97572 Views :: Law & Order, Government & Society, Opinion and Editorials, Chaldean Caucus

Michigan, USA - The Chaldean Caucus has sent out over 6,000 e-mails and mailed out over 2,000 letters to likely Chaldean voters reminding them that tomorrow, Tuesday, August 5 are the primary elections.  “We want to keep the Chaldean community informed and excited about local races as much as the upcoming presidential race,” says Lauren George, western district Chaldean Caucus representative. 

Politicians have come to realize the importance of winning the Chaldean vote says George.  “The community values democracy.  Coming from a country that would kill your entire family should you dare consider thinking and acting in democratic ways, we are hungry to participate.  Our community is active in campaigns, involved in running for politics, and we get out the vote.”

The largest population of Chaldeans in the United States lives in Oakland County, Michigan.  George says that political candidates in that county wisely court the Chaldean constituency knowing that Chaldeans can make all the difference. 

“We have great candidates vying for their party representation or to make the ballot list in the primary.  Candidates for Oakland County Prosecutor Attorney, County Commissioners, County Sheriff, district representatives,  6th Circuit Judge, 46th District Judge, Probate Judge, and even a ballot proposal to fund West Bloomfield parks and the Detroit Zoo,” shares George.  District representatives for the 26, 27, 29, 35, 37, 38, 39, and 40 are highly populated Chaldean regions where candidates have to fight through a primary. 

“Voters can not split their ticket,” says George .  “In other words, if you vote for a candidate in a Republican primary, all voting must remain on the Republican side otherwise you spoil your ticket and the vote does not get counted.  You just have to pick one side and stick to all the votes on that side.  The ballot will also reflect the district for representative, county commissioner, and local races.”   

The Chaldean Caucus candidate communication packet encouraged Chaldeans to vote for the following candidates:


  • 27th District State Representative: Kevin Weeden
  • 35th District State Representative Vincent Gregory
  • 39th District State Representative: John Kuriakuz
  • 45th District State Representative:  Theodore A. Golden
  • 15th Oakland County Commissioner District: Todd White
  • 21st Oakland County Commissioner District: Kyrian Nwagwu
  • 23rd Oakland County Commissioner District: Eric Coleman 
  •  West Bloomfield Township Supervisor: Michele Economou
  • West Bloomfield Township Clerk: Sheryl L. Mitchell
  • West Bloomfield Township Treasurer: Teri Adelberg Weingarden
  • West Bloomfield Township Trustee: Larry Brown, Gene Farber, Howard Rosenberg, Scott J. Winnick
  • West Bloomfield Township Park Commission: Merv Aronoff, Carol Hack, Larry Horowitz, Marc E. Jeffries, Adam S. Littman, J. Andrew O'Connor, Gerald J. Sukenic
  • Oakland County Sheriff: Mark D. Mitchell


  • 27th District State Representative:  Ochelski, Sr., Norman J.
  • 37th District State Representative: Paul Welday
  • 38th District State Representative: Douglas Curry
  • 39th District State Representative: Donald B. Elliott Jr.
  • 45th District State Reprehensive:  Tom McMillin
  • 9th Oakland County Commissioner District: Lou Csordas
  • 13th Oakland County Commissioner District: Robert Gosselin
  • 15th Oakland County Commissioner District: Daniel Beaubien
  • 16th Oakland County Commissioner District: Shelley Goodman Taub
  • 19th Oakland County Commissioner District: John Witt
  • Oakland County Prosecutor Attorney:  David Law
    Oakland County Sheriff: Michael Bouchard


  • 6th Circuit Judge: Robert H. Giles & Lisa Gorcyca
  • 46th District Judge Of The District Court:  Bill Richards
  • Oakland Probate Judge: Daniel A. O'Brien


  • West Bloomfield Township, Renewal Of Existing Parks And Recreation Tax:  NO
  • Oakland County, Oakland County Zoological Authority Tax: NO
  • Oak Park City, Ballot Pproposal no. 08-01 Tax:  NO

The Chaldean Caucus gives Chaldeans interested in politics an opportunity to share their concerns and network with other politically savvy members.  “We are a non-partisian group that helps educate the community on where candidates stand on issues, we hold candidate forums, and we help candidates we feel are best able to understand the challenges of the Chaldean community,” George states.  “Political candidates and Chaldean voters with questions, concerns, or comments can e-mail the Chaldean Caucus at”  

Sacred Heart Parish, MI USA


Sacred Heart Parish
310 W. Seven Mile. Rd.
Detroit, MI 48203
Tel: (313) 368-6214
Fax: (313) 891-0132

The parish was established by Rev. Jacob Yasso in 1973

Rev. Jacob Yasso

Rev. Jacob Yasso was born in the village of Telkaif, Iraq.  After completing high school he was recruited to Rome and Urbaniana University where he completed his Masters Degree in philosophy and Theology.  Fr. Yasso was ordained a priest in 1960 and served the Diocese of Mosul, where he worked in the public school system. Fr. Yasso was also asked by the Patriarch to teach at the Patriarchal Seminary in Baghdad, where he served as administrator, professor of philosophy and religious life, and rector of the minor seminary. 

In 1964, Fr. Yasso was appointed to the United States to serve the growing Chaldean community in Detroit.  There he served as the 4th Pastor of Mother of God Parish.  .  In 1972, the Patriarch charged Fr. Yasso with building a new parish for the Chaldeans in Detroit.  In taking great pains to care for the community Fr. Yasso accelerated the development of a new church and community center.  In 1975, Fr. Yasso completed the development of Sacred Heart Parish in Detroit and shortly thereafter he added the Chaldean Center of America in 1980, 

A few years later in 1982, Fr. Yasso was asked to assist the late Fr. Kattoula at St. Peter’s Church in San Diego, CA.  Before long, Fr. Yasso was once again recruited to Rome to study new Canon Law of the Church.  While in Rome Fr. Yasso completed his third Masters Degree in Church Law, making him the only Chaldean priest trained in Canon Law. 

In 1988, the Patriarch and Vatican authorities asked Fr. Yasso to travel to Canada and establish a parish and community center.  While there he served as a Tribunal Judge for the Archdiocese of Toronto.  Four years later Fr. Yasso returned to Sacred Heart church in Detroit to help care for the remaining Chaldean community residence in the Detroit area.  To this day, Fr. Yasso continues to serve as the parish pastor creating activities and advising the City of Detroit on community related matters. 

Fr. Yasso is a member of the International WYCLIF Bible translators, since 1975, and has completed the translation of the New Testament from Greek and Aramaic into Arabic and spoken Chaldean.   The publication of his scholarly work is set to be released soon.