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After Attacking Armenians with Stereotypes, NBC Goes After Chaldeans and Jews
By Rita Abro :: Thursday, December 18, 2008 :: 62076 Views :: Sports, Art, and Entertainment, Government & Society

California, USA – “They think they can bring back their ratings by fanning stereotypes and prejudices.  They are purposely picking on Chaldeans and Jews hoping to get better ratings.  NBC is using a strategy that is harmful and sick,” says Jenna Bittis of California. 

The Chaldean woman is upset over NBC’s new pseudo-reality show.  “They deliberately place outspoken and flamboyant mothers against insecure bimboes craving attention in their latest whorish hook-up show,” says Bittis.  “NBC is dead and desperately reaching at anything to try and make a come-back.”

Momma's Boys, the NBC dating-show-with-a-twist from Ryan Seacrest seems to have both Jewish and Chaldean viewers upset.  The show attempts to make a statement about prejudice using two middle aged overprotective mothers of implied Jewish and Chaldean descent unintelligently defending their wishes.  Obviously the shows producers are orchestrating outbursts for ratings in a Jerry Springer like fashion simply for ratings.  

"The sparks soon fly!" as the ad promotes when Khalood Bojanowski, a Michigan Iraqi Catholic mom says she needs her son to end up with a white Catholic girl: no black, Asian, Muslim or Jewish bachelorettes need apply. Another bachelor's mom, Esther, is a stereotypical smothering-Jewish mom, right down to the Yiddishisms, the kvelling over her "mensch" son and the Coffee Talk accent.  This rubs many of the girls the wrong way and with contestants encouraged to put on a good show for the reality cameras – the Jerry Springer like attacks begin. 

The aftermath is a viewer conditioned to believe the over-the-top Chaldean and Jewish stereotypes.

NBC is not shy from attacking Christianity.  Known for their anti-family anti-religious views NBC has long sent a clear message to writers and promoters.  That message has cost the company dearly. 

NBC Universal, owned by GE, has been sinking like a rock in the ratings and is pulling its master company down with it.  The once proud industry standard in profitable television, National Broadcasting Company has disintegrated.  Wall Street analysts have trimmed their 2009 earnings forecasts for General Electric Co yesterday and now expect profit to fall about 25 percent, according to Reuters Estimates data.  GE shares were down 49 cents, or 2.7 percent, at $17.43 in late-morning trade on the New York Stock Exchange.

The U.S. conglomerate on Tuesday met with analysts to spell out its 2009 horror story. Attempting to sugar-coat their decline, GE broke with past practice and offered only a "framework" of how it expected its individual business segments to do next year.

NBC ratings have also fallen to the bottom.  If not for the NFL NBC would not even be listed as a network with a worthy telecast. Advertisers are fast fleeing from the network and the ones that remain are locked in contract or attempting to negotiate bottom line dollars. 

What strikes many Chaldeans ironic about the show is that Bojanowski is not a Chaldean last name.  “If this is not all fiction, then it would not make sense.  The son is a product of a mixed marriage,” says Bittis.  “Yet they have his Mom spewing these conditions and lapping it up as they set the stage for some big confrontation.”

Mother Bojanowski freely spewed her opinionated self to producers who knew they could edit it to be bigoted for ratings. Bittis adds that the producers knew exactly what they were doing placing her in this setting. The producers do the same when they attempt to orchestrate the stereotypical Jewish mother. 

That she was chosen only adds to the evidence that the producers were casting for the broadest stereotypes for this show Bittis concludes.  “Include a mix of dating-show divas, doe-eyed good girls and nude models for optimal contrast and feud.  The show is all about stereotypes and bigots.   These lame producers purposely plant these people and encourage them to go over the top fooling viewers into believing this a run of the mill.” 

Bittis says the producers also attack both men and women.  She points out how inflammatory and offensive to build off a premise that the natural enemy of single women is the controlling moms trying to stand between them and future husbands.  Bittis also adds that the show neuters men who cower and blindly follow their mothers advice.

The show Momma's Boys is produced by Ryan Seacrest.  Building off the stereotypical depiction of ethnic groups, Seacrest also produced Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  The show infuriated many in the Armenian community for the wayward portrayal of an immoral and materialistic Armenian family as common.

Bittis says Seacrest is the ultimate hate peddler who skews reality and perpetuates misunderstanding between different ethnic groups.  “This show is proof that Hollywood, NBC, and lame talent are willing to stoop as low as necessary for a hit. No matter the social ills they create in their wake.”

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In 1964, Fr. Yasso was appointed to the United States to serve the growing Chaldean community in Detroit.  There he served as the 4th Pastor of Mother of God Parish.  .  In 1972, the Patriarch charged Fr. Yasso with building a new parish for the Chaldeans in Detroit.  In taking great pains to care for the community Fr. Yasso accelerated the development of a new church and community center.  In 1975, Fr. Yasso completed the development of Sacred Heart Parish in Detroit and shortly thereafter he added the Chaldean Center of America in 1980, 

A few years later in 1982, Fr. Yasso was asked to assist the late Fr. Kattoula at St. Peter’s Church in San Diego, CA.  Before long, Fr. Yasso was once again recruited to Rome to study new Canon Law of the Church.  While in Rome Fr. Yasso completed his third Masters Degree in Church Law, making him the only Chaldean priest trained in Canon Law. 

In 1988, the Patriarch and Vatican authorities asked Fr. Yasso to travel to Canada and establish a parish and community center.  While there he served as a Tribunal Judge for the Archdiocese of Toronto.  Four years later Fr. Yasso returned to Sacred Heart church in Detroit to help care for the remaining Chaldean community residence in the Detroit area.  To this day, Fr. Yasso continues to serve as the parish pastor creating activities and advising the City of Detroit on community related matters. 

Fr. Yasso is a member of the International WYCLIF Bible translators, since 1975, and has completed the translation of the New Testament from Greek and Aramaic into Arabic and spoken Chaldean.   The publication of his scholarly work is set to be released soon.