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Author Releases New Fictional Book on the Plight of A Chaldean Family
By Sam Yousif :: Tuesday, December 2, 2008 :: 20906 Views :: Sports, Art, and Entertainment

Michigan, USA – Publisher, author, and journalist Donna Gundle-Krieg releases “From Desert to Detroit.”  The book is an award winning educational story about a young Detroit Chaldean named Nadia Sefro and her family leaving a country in turmoil to a country of dreams.  However, the Sefro family find themselves facing a new set of challenges in Detroit. 

This story takes place during the time of the 911 disaster from the point of view of the child Nadia.  The book is filled with interesting characters of all ages.  The book is recommended for ages 8 to adult, with particular appeal for those in 3rd through 6th grade, and contains valuable social studies lessons.

The book’s back cover explains, when Nadia Sefro and her family come to Detroit from Iraq, they hope to improve their life and get away from the many problems of the “old country.” 

However, life in Detroit presents the family with a new set of challenges.  Nadia’s older siblings Mark and Maryam have a terrible time adjusting o their new schools, and neither can seem to make friends.  Nadia makes many new friends, but never gets to play with them because she has to work at the family store.

Then the real problems begin.  Maryam is held up by armed robbers one night as she is working the cash register.  Nadia’s friends all turn against her when they associate her family with terrorists who kill many people in New York City.  Then the unthinkable happens: someone who is angry at all Middle Eastern people sets fire to the family store, destroying everything they own.

As the fire ravages their home and business, Nadia and her sister Maryam are the only hope to save their family members.  Will all seven Sefros escape?  How will they manage to survive after they lose everything they own?  Will their friends and neighbors support hem, or will they continue to associate the Sefros with terrorists?

“From Desert to Detroit” is a story of hope and new beginnings, of forgiveness and love our so-called enemies.  Hopefully this will forever change the perception of children and adults who believe that all Middle Eastern people are inherently evil. 

To order an author signed copy of the book, please e-mail and copy to receive a discount.