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Health & Fitness

Southeast Michigan Walgreens Flu Shot Locations
By Ziad Bitti :: 2 Views :: Health & Fitness

Michigan, USA --Chaldeans will be able to get flu shots from nearby convenient stores.  Walgreens will offer flu shots for free or discounted rates for customers.   

Chaldeans who have Medicare Part B and are not a member of an HMO, can present their Medicare card. There will be no charge for the flu shot.  Walgreen’s will submit a claim to Medicare on your behalf.  For those wishing to pay the cost for a flu shot will be $25 and the cost for a Pneumonia shot will $40.

The dates and times for each store are listed below. Please note dates and times may change so please contact the particular store directly to confirm.

For the convenience of our readers we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions relating to the flu in this article as well.   Chaldean Healthcare Professionals will soon be announcing health fairs touring southeast Michigan Chaldean community centers.  Dates are not final at this time and will soon be announced. 

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Infant Formula Poses High Risk Health Dangers
By Rita Abro :: 13 Views :: Health & Fitness, Living & Lifestyle

Chaldean mothers ought to strongly consider the high risk of obesity, diabetes, and weaker immune systems for babies that are not breast fed.  In light of the ongoing research that shows synthetic chemical baby formula is riskier than breastfeeding the world trade health organization is challenging multinational companies to stop considering profit over health. 

The marketing efforts to get second and third world countries hooked on baby formula products have quadrupled.  However, some countries are not buying into the scam and putting pressure on the corporations. 

“Convenience, modernization, playing on ignorance and fear is the way they do it,” says Dr. Hannaa Bedawid, a Chaldean pediatrician.   “The companies are using marketing and trying to make it seem as if it is shameful to breastfeed your child.  I applaud countries like China, Malaysia, Israel, and the World Health Organization to standing up against corporate greed.”

Companies are being charged with illegal marketing, racketeering, vastly insufficient quantities of the essential vitamins, and suppressing studies and reports revealing the dangers of baby formula.  One of the larger corporations, Abbott Laboratories, has recalled hundreds of thousands of fake liquid ready-to-feed infant formula.

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A Chaldean Father’s Age May Contribute to Autism
By Rita Abro :: 16 Views :: Health & Fitness

New York, USA - Older Chaldean mothers often worry that their age will affect their pregnancy, and the birth of their baby. It doesn't help to see the medical term 'elderly primagravida' on your notes, (meaning older, first time mother) and some Chaldean women feel that extra tests and interventions are used because of their age.

Chaldean trends of marrying and having babies between the ages of 18 – 25 are being lost to the cultural assimilation of Western society. 

 Chaldean couples continue to flirt with the concept of having children at later ages.  While many often thought the danger solely rested with the woman, no research says men having children later in life is equally dangerous.  Men who wait increase the chances for offspring with autism.

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Chaldeans Bowling Toward a Cure
By Sam Yousif :: 40025 Views :: Health & Fitness

Michigan, USA - Chaldeans are helping in the fight against Leukemia and they need your support.   Join friends and family as the community rallies to raise funds to help those suffering from Leukemia.   Event organizer and passionate advocate, Christine Loussia has been remarkably committed to educating the Chaldean community about cancer, Leukemia, and other terrible ailments. 

Loussia is on a mission to help the Chaldean community better understand Leukemia and build a comprehensive bone marrow database that will save eventually lives. 

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