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Chaldean Business Woman Shares a Bit of Christmas Jewelry Joy
By Rita Abro :: Friday, December 7, 2007 :: 50431 Views :: Article Rating :: Business & Finance

Arizona, USA - Chaldeans are helping to set new trends this Christmas.  “Out is the worn out practice of buying brand name gifts from malls.  In is finding the unique and rare custom gift that really shows you care, says Julie Polis.  “Finding something that really shows you care has absolutely nothing to do with how expensive the gift is, but how much thought went into getting the gift.”

Polis, like many other Chaldeans are looking for unique and custom gifts to give.  “Portrait painting, embroidered photos, custom music of jewelry, a sculpture, or bronzed shoes of the new child, are all good examples of great gifts,” says Polis.  “The gift has to be memorable.  To be memorable it has to be unique.  There is this great Chaldean jeweler in Arizona that has her own jewelry line.  She hand-makes these limited edition masterpieces that are perfect for that special someone.”

Polis refers to Nat’s Candy.  A custom jewelry boutique based in Arizona and owned by Chaldean entrepreneur Natalie Karmo.  The former actress turned artist was featured as Arizona’s top artist.  Her company has been featured in top fashion magazines.  Her jewelry line includes unique designs of gemstones and Swarovski crystal.  The limited edition production jewelry has made her the talk of the town.

“Her jewelry is incredible. You have to see her stuff.  It is gorgeous and priced perfectly.  Her style is something special.  The pieces she makes are trendy, unique, and would make an excellent Christmas gift for that special someone,” Polis adds.   

The middle child of five kids Natalie is a second generation Chaldean.   Her father was born in the United States and has encouraged his daughter’s passion in art.  Karmo graduated magnum cum laude from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts as a Theatre major.  After a short stint in Hollywood she decided to return to Arizona and focus on jewelry. 

Natalie has traveled the world and says her inspiration for her jewelry styles come from a mixture of life’s experience and the current trends in fashion.   Her travels to Europe, Australia, Ireland, and Mexico have added to the eclectic line of fashion Jewlry.

“It can be the middle of the night and I’ll wake up with an idea!  I’ll write it down and start sketching in the morning.  I’ve had inspiration from other designers as well,” Natalie Karmo says.  “If I see something I love, I’ll purchase it then design an entire necklace or collection based on that one component.”

Working with gemstones and crystals has turned into a full time passion for the budding entrepreneur.  Natalie says that, “Starting my own company has been the hardest thing I've ever done and at times it is extremely overwhelming, but at the end of the day I am so happy.” 

Her passion comes from a deep desire to share beauty.  “I want the customer to love what I create.  It’s very important that I achieve their vision while also trying to make it a unique piece of wearable art that they’ll have forever,” says Natalie. 

Natalie’s desire to make others happy has been a lifelong pursuit.  She is active and involved in her community.  Natalie is a mentor in the Big Sister program, a volunteer at the children’s hospital, and a frequent contributor of her fine jewelry to fund raising events has shown her to be a wise business woman. 

Natalie remains on the cutting edge of business and sells to the whole world.  Her website, features samples of her work.  On her website customers can easily order or contact Natalie for a custom design or invite Natalie to a party whereby she features her jewelry line.

Natalie keeps her roots strong in the community and culture.  Some of her jewelry features Aramaic writing and traditional Chaldean symbols. 

Natalie enjoys helping the community and happily offers registered members 20% off on orders before Christmas.  Just enter CANDY20 in the promo code at checkout.

To learn more about Natalie Karmo and Nat’s Candy readers are directed to

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