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Chaldean Commercial Property Brokers Gain Access to More Listings
By Salam Abbo :: Thursday, May 1, 2008 :: 41433 Views :: Article Rating :: Business & Finance

Michigan, USA - Chaldean commercial realtors will have more access to a greater number of commercial listings.  The additional information will create new opportunities for Chaldean property owners to expand their property portfolios. 

The Commercial Board of Realtors’ listing information exchange has confirmed that two major commercial real estate houses will begin to share all their historical data and proprietary listings.

Signature Associates and Colliers Inc. both decided to contribute their in-house listings to the listing exchange (CPIX).  CPIX is the information exchanged used by Commercial Board of Realtors members and the Michigan Economic Development Corp.

Signature Associates, based in Detroit and with offices in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, announced it would hand over its 2,400 listings to CPIX. 

Colliers Inc., based in Southfield, also will share its information, including some 1,000 listings, Signature Vice President and managing director Mark Woods said. 

CPIX now includes over 10,000 listings and growing. 

Alluding to Chaldean property management companies, Woods shares with that, "There's half a dozen firms in the southeast market that have the talent and information to contribute," he said, noting that many have agreed to share their information, as well. "It makes it a better product."

CBOR members will have access to the information for much less than is charged by some information companies, such as CoStar, CBOR Exec¬utive Vice Pres¬ident Nancy McKellar said.