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The real work begins when you start to grow and scale your company. Here is how one entrepreneur made it work.

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Dr. Mae Jemison says innovation starts with bringing a wealth of different perspectives to the table.

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A new study reveals that to be happy and less stressed, spend money on saving time.

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If you are building a brand, be sure to think about how you can piece together your tribe, then start today.

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Brands are clamoring to jump on the podcast bandwagon. But before you invest in a podcast production for your organization, there are a few steps you need to take.

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Every minute of the 24 hours, people are shopping online. You don't have to be awake for them to buy from you.

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The right sales funnel, configured the proper way, can automate your marketing and help you scale your income on autopilot.

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The Model 3, which can go up to 215 miles on a single charge, has a starting cost of $35,000.

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Amazon wants to put a delivery hub in your residence so anyone can send you packages, be they friends, family or other retailers.

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Plus, Michael Kors buys Jimmy Choo for $1.2 billion, and a tech-enabled food startup, The Town Kitchen, closes a $1 million seed round.

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It's clear the potential for IP theft from insiders with their own agenda is only going to grow.

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Snag Google's coveted featured-snipped spot, and you could increase your click-through rate by more than 180 percent.

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Remember, you're there for business, not pleasure. So, forget the expensive restaurants. Consider grocery store fare instead.

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Careless mistakes that can cause an entire organization to go offline are becoming more and more inevitable.

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A recent study reveals the hiring trends of today's top tech companies.

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Chaldean Grocer Markets Top-Notch Customer Service and Gourmet Produce
By Paul Gori :: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 :: 24413 Views :: Article Rating :: Business & Finance

Michigan, USA – Another remarkable business  light shines through the darkness of Michigan’s economy.  Alpine Marketplace in Linden, Michigan, against all business odds refused to allow Michigan’s economy to get in the way of offering Linden residents the very best. 

“They have expanded and really offer the best of quality foods,” says Gina Shiller, customer of Alpine. “All other business are cutting corners trying to save cost, but not this place.  They spared no expense to take care of their customers.”

The “Alpine” name is the only thing that remains the same.  Marvin and Norm Yono say it is in their blood to give their customers their best, a standard of excellence they deserve.  “That means fresh, local, seasonal and gourmet products — priced affordably at regular ‘grocery store’ prices.” 

After nine months of major renovations, this local Spartan store is ready to showcase all of its expanded departments and improvements during a two-week Grand Opening celebration, according to the Yono family.  Tthe Grand Opening will include special sale prices, food demonstrations, free samples and a giveaway of five $50 gift certificates to Alpine Marketplace, at the end of the event. Entry forms will be published in the Tri-County Times.

The stores impressive use of space is immediately noticed.  Returning shoppers excited about the renovations and new food produce offerings almost always comment that the store seems much larger. “That’s because we have more efficiently used the space, plus brightened the store with new design concepts and lighting,” said Marvin.

Customers say the most popular department is the fresh, garden produce, which offers an expansive selection of some of the area’s freshest, highest-quality fruits and vegetables, including a large number of organic products from Michigan farms.

“Organics are the most popular trend in stores right now,” said Yono. “We have responded to that need with an expanded department of many fresh, organic products.”

Alpine Marketplace is pleased to showcase the bountiful efforts of local farmers, as well as some of the world’s largest growers and organic growers.

Customers will also find an expanded meat department, where USDA Choice Beef is the standard, all ground and packaged daily at Alpine Marketplace. 

“We’re proud to offer Black Angus beef and amish chicken, all grass-fed with no antibiotics,” said Yono. “Also, look for our gourmet selection of pre-seasoned, pre-marinated meats and chicken for today’s busy cooks.”

Dairy products, from Country Fresh to well-known organics by Stonyfield and Horizon, fill the new dairy cases at the perimeter of the store, providing selection and convenience during the shopping experience.

Alpine Marketplace’s new Deli features rows and rows of the highest-quality meats and cheeses, including meats by Dietz & Watson, homemade salads and prepared foods that are gourmet-to-go, including rotisserie chickens.

“Come check out our party trays and catering services,” invited the Yonos. “We have everything you need for a holiday gathering, special occasion or event.”

The store’s bakery adds the final touch to any meal, with homemade cakes, pastries, fruit pies, cookies and doughnuts, made fresh daily by Alpine Marketplace’s in-house bakers. “We use only the best, high-quality ingredients in our baked goods and are especially proud of our fresh breads,” said the Yonos.

If you’re hosting a party or looking for a gift, Alpine Marketplace’s wine and liquor department includes more than 200 selections of wines and more than 50 domestic beers, as well as fine, imported cigars kept fresh in the store’s own humidor.

The store’s floral department makes it easy to pick up a seasonal bouquet or arrangement, either for your own table or as a gift. Perhaps the most unique service offered at the new Alpine Marketplace is its same-day delivery service. Customers who order by 12 p.m. on Wednesday will have their groceries delivered to them.

Alpine is also using technology too really give their business the edge in customer convenience and cost savings.  “Soon you’ll be able to order our groceries on-line,” said the Yonos, who plan to take orders through the internet.