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Chaldean Women Celebrate Motherhood at the 3rd Annual Fashion Show Gala
By Huda Metti :: Sunday, June 22, 2008 :: 12055 Views :: Party, USA, Mother of God, 2008

Michigan, USA - Mother’s Day began as a day to unite parents to improve the world for future generations.  The bond between mother and daughter is especially strong in the Chaldean community.  Chaldean mother and daughters are finding a very unique blend of mother-daughter moments. 

“I love mother’s day.” Says Athra Yakoo, a mother of three Chaldean young ladies and two teenage girls.  “I am so blessed with my daughters.  They are educated, respectful, and religious.  They give our family a very good reputation and make us very happy.”

The challenges Chaldean families face in Europe and America remain a top priority for Chaldean churches. Chaldean churches have focused on offering compelling sermons, lectures, and community wide events to strengthen and warn Chaldean families of growing cultural dangers in their host countries tearing at the family. Joining the call is the Ladies Social Group of Our Lady of Chaldean Cathedral, Mother of God Church in Southfield, Michigan. The group hosts an annual dinner to celebrate the loving bond between mother and daughter as well as organizes prayer breakfasts and outings for mothers and their daughters.  

This year the group held their 2008 Mother / Daughter Fashion Show Gala bringing nearly 700 women together to celebrate the importance of motherhood.  The feature rich event included dinner, three fashion shows, live entertainment, a crowd of vendors, silent auction, raffle prizes, and gifts. 

“The power for any community is the mother,” says Yakoo.  “When the family stays close to the church it is best.  It is too easy in America for kids to get into trouble.  It is very important for the mother to know God and their children.”

University of Michigan researchers agree with Yakoo.  A 23 year study  funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development out of Ann Arbor concludes that when religion is an important part of a mother's life, she is likely to feel she has a better relationship with her adult children, and they are likely to report having a better relationship with her. That is one of the findings from a study of 867 women and their offspring,

Women who attend religious services on a regular basis report having better relationships with their children than mothers who rarely or never attend services note William G. Axinn and Lisa D. Pearce, sociologists at the university's Institute for Social Research.

All of the mothers in the study were married when they were first interviewed, and all initially lived in the Detroit metropolitan area. Eleven percent described themselves as conservative Protestants, 30% as nonconservative Protestants, 54% as Catholics, and five percent as other, including Jewish. The researchers controlled for mother's age, family size, parents' marital quality, and many other characteristics--including parents' education, income, and marital status--that might influence the quality of the relationship between mother and child.

Pearce and Axinn also found a connection between changes in a mother's religiosity over time and changes in the quality of her relationship with her child.

The effects of religiosity on mother-child relationships tend to be long-term and enduring. "Exposure to religious themes such as tolerance, patience, and unconditional love may provide both parents and children with resources to improve their relationships," the researchers suggest, particularly as children move into adolescence.

The researchers add that on of the most important reason for the connection between devotion to religion and the quality of mother-child relationships is that mothers and children are involved in a common set of social activities that advocate a common set of values.
“Although common sense, it is nice to have research prove the importance of religion for families.  It is important for mothers to spend time with their daughters, to be able to communicate, and to learn from one another.  Like husband and wife, when mothers and daughters share the same values they will do things together more, talk more, listen more, understand each other more, and become best friends forever,” says Nadir Kannu, Ladies Social Group Chairwoman.

The Mother Daughter Fashion Show Gala gave Chaldean mothers and daughters an elegant evening to celebrate one of the most important people in our community said Kannu. 

With nearly twenty women working around the clock for three months the event was widely praised.  “It took an entire team of dedicated and committed Chaldean women leaders to make this event so successful,” said Kannu.  "Working together as a community we were able to share an important message."


Event Leaders

Event Coordinator: 
Nadira Kannu

Event Emcee and Conultant: 
Robert Kakos

Keynote Speaker: 
Judge Eman Jajonie-Daman

Event Program & Ticket Design:  
Hanna Kashat & Ann Nabaty

Event Design and Decorations:
Suad Boji

Event Advertisement Director: 
Nadira Kannu

Event Door Prizes, Raffle, Silent Auction: 
Helen Yaldo & Aiman Kizy

Auction Management: 
Helen Yaldo & Aiman Kizy

Fashion Show Solicitation: 
Suad Boji &  Nadira Kannu

Event Seating & Photography: 
Arlene Kakos, Bernadette Yaldo, Nahla Yeldo, & Wafa Rabban

Ticket Sales: 
Ikhlas Mansour & Bushra Kashat

Vendor Support: 
Fatin Boji

Raffle Management: 
Durra Shounia & Damya Saco


Event Sponsors:
Individuals or businesses that contributed financially and generously to the community event.

Eliya & Seham Boji
Eavan Yaldo
Brenda Yaldo
Lindsay Yaldo
Intisar Najar
Central Alarm
International Wholesale
Universal Wholesale



Event Contributors:
Individuals, business, and groups that donated to the event.

Shenandoah Banquet Hall 
Offered discounted meal price and  provided audio visual services at no additional charge.

Baker’s Loaf
Donated all the desserts to the event and contributed 10 cakes to a special raffle.   

Elegante Productions by Renee 
Donated the table center pieces.

Sawsan Kashat 
Donated the chair and table covers.

Mark Salloum 
donated video coverage of the fashion show. 

Top That Table by Lawrence & Andy 
Designed and donated the fashion show stage, backroom, and drapery.

Jiddou Studio, LLC 
Provided free graphic design services for all booklet advertisers. 

All Media Promotion 
Was donated by the Chaldean Detroit Times, Chaldean Voice, Chaldean News, and

Fashions for the Pure Heart 
Fashion show created by Patrice Konja, Remon Jiddou, and Gabrielle Gorges.

Fashion Design and Seamstress Work 
Was donated by Najat Hammama.

Fashion Model Hair Styles 
Designed and donated by Ziad Bakoss from 
Heidi Bashar Salon.

Live band and DJ Music donated by 
DJ Arabbo

Wine was donated by 
Samir Shoukri & Najah Gasso

Event Item Donors:
Donors who kindy donated door gifts, raffle prizes, and auction items .

Suad Boji
Jalal Halibu
Nidhal Kejbou
Amira Kizi
Dr. Haifa Mansour
Intesar Najor
Damya Saco
Arcadia Health
Bally’s Fitness
Baker's Loaf
Bricker Tunis Fur
C.K. Gift Shop
Hagopian Cleaning Service
Happy’s Pizza
Jalia Market
Lil Havaner Tabaccinish
Lina Salon
Mezza Mediterranean Grille
Moss & Associates, Inc.
Metro Detroit
Murray Lighting & Electrical Supply Co.
Sabah Salon
Sahar’s Fashions
Salon Bellissima
Shango Market
Smooth Looks
US Park on Middlebelt


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To view a PDF of the event booklet click on the link below:

2008 Mother of God Chaldean Catholic Church Mother Dauther Fashion Show Gala

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