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Fr. Rudy Ordination
By Neda Ayar :: 8575 Views :: Ceremony, Michigan, USA, Mother of God, 2009

Michigan, USA – The Chaldean community welcomes their newest Catholic priest, Fr. Rudy Zoma, 28, of the Chaldean Eparchy of St. Thomas the Apostle.  On Saturday, July 4th, Chaldeans from all over joined the ordination Mass of the new priest.  Guests, seminarians, and visiting clergy from across the globe participated in the celebration.

Fr. Rudy is the third American Chaldean priest with five other American born seminarians to soon graduate and join the prestigious rank of priestly vocation among Chaldeans. 

“Fr. Rudy is an incredible person,” says Britney Allos.  “He really is involved with the younger generation and is a great speaker.  He can be serious and he can be funny.”  Fr. Rudy Zoma helped establish an English youth bible study at Mother of God Parish and was instrumental in helping the Chaldean parish soccer team repeatedly win the indoor Catholic College classic championship over Ave Maria, St. Mary MTS, and the other college teams.   “The amount of guests who arrived to his ordination celebration is a testament to his leadership and community support,” said Anthony Sako, parishioner of Mother of God parish. 

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Chaldeans Invest Big-Time in The Future
By Sam Yousif :: 205 Views :: Ceremony, Michigan, 2007, USA, Mother of God, ECRC, Mar Addai, St. Joseph, St. George, St. Thomas, St. Peter, Sacred Heart

Michigan, USA- The future is not lost on church leaders who have long cared for the welfare of the Chaldean community.  A balancing act in America that is difficult.  Chaldeans growing up in America have many more distractions and sinful options.  With great freedom comes great responsibility. 

Chaldean clergy have dedicated their entire lives to the community.  No evidence is clearer than having to give up your right to be a mom or dad and focus only on serving the community.  That is the special calling a priest or nun answers.  Answering that call comes with the responsibility to care for the soul of the living today and prepare the youth of tomorrow.        

In making that call the Chaldean Diocese made a bold move in purchasing a Chaldean camp for the benefit of the community.  One hundred sixty acres of rolling hills and lake, the Chaldean Diocese makes clear their commitment to serving the community for centuries. 

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Chaldean Graduation Ceremony Class of 2005
By PhotoGallery :: 106 Views :: Ceremony, 2005, USA

The Chaldean Federation of America (CFA) organizes and leads a wonderful graduation ceremony each year for Chaldeans in America.  The event brings high school and higher education graduates together in joyous celebration of achieving an important milestone.  For over twenty years the CFA has brought together Chaldean families to celebrate the achievement of their son or daughter graduating from school.  The CFA works miracles to secure tens of thousands of dollars in scholarship opportunities for Chaldean graduates. 

With nearly a half a million dollars given in scholarship money to Chaldean students, the CFA has helped lesson the financial burden of many Chaldean engineers, lawyers, doctors, educators, and other professionals. 

To learn more about the CFA and how you can help contribute to this wonderful event, please visit the CFA online at

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